Covert Pro 3.0.2

COVERT Pro - an innovative solution to ensure total privacy while working on computer. It protects against spyware and has instant messenger with encryption. When working in secure platform, all user’s actions in all applications (browsers, email clients, office software, messengers, etc.) are safely hidden. Capturing data from keyboard input and monitor screen is blocked. Using special features of COVERT Pro (Network monitor, Driver monitor, System processes, System services) allows you to detect and remove all hidden applications. COVERT Pro allows you to block the microphone.

To protect against spyware, COVERT Pro uses the masking method. It is the most reliable method against spyware — masking action of user. It means creation of secure platform, inside which user can run any applications, while remaining invisible to the spies.
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Add an option to route all internet traffic through VPN.
Jonathan, 26.03.2016, 02:51
3 votes Vote

Drag desktop icons to starting programs list

Simply programs to be installed on starting programs list by incorporating the ability to simply drag desktop applications icons to starting programs list.
Dennis Comito, 25.03.2016, 14:14
2 votes Vote

Pre-fill programs

Set the program buttons to default programs, notepad, browser, e-mail, etc. User can change them in settings if they wish.
Irv Spalten, 25.03.2016, 12:16
2 votes Vote

have the lists sortable.

Make ALL lists sortable. Makes it much easier to find programs, location, MFG.
Irv Spalten, 25.03.2016, 12:14
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See info about the sections function when on hover

I found database threats confusing. Did that stand for what was found on the computer or was that a list of what the program was blocking?
LP, 25.03.2016, 17:07
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have an easy way to UNINSTALL this program

-evidently you have to save the original installation file in order to do so.
AGQ, 26.03.2016, 11:59